Capacitor uF - nF - pF Conversion Tool

Easily convert between uF, nF and pF capacitors.

A capacitor (originally known as a condenser) is a passive electrical component used to store energy electrostatically in an electric field. Common types of capacitors are Aluminum Electrolytic, Ceramic, Film, Paper, Mica, and Tantalum. Capacitors are expressed in terms of farads. Common abbreviations are uF (microfarads), nF (nanofarads), and pF (picofarads or micromicrofarads). Less common abbreviations for capacitors include mfd, MFD, mf, MF, MMFD, MMF, uuF, UF, NF, and PF.

Below is a uF - nF - pF conversion tool to make converting back and forth easy.

A Group of Mica Capacitors
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Black Electrolytic Capacitors

Whether you are prototyping on a breadboard, repairing a circuit board, reading schematics, purchasing capacitors, or you are in any other kind of electrical field of work or hobby, you may often have to convert between uF, nF and pF capacitors. Since converting uF to nF, uF to pF, nF to uF, nF to pF, pF to nF, and pF to uF can be time consuming, use our handy conversion chart to make converting back and forth easy. We even have a free printer friendly version that you can print out and use over and over again. Also be sure to check out our Voltage Divider Calculator to help you choose the correct resistors for your next project.

Capacitor uF - nF - pF Conversion Chart

The conversion chart below shows popular capacitor values and how they convert back and forth from from uF, nF, and pF

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A group of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
uF / MFD nF pF / MMFD
1000uF / MFD 1000000nF 1000000000pF / MMFD
680uF / MFD 680000nF 680000000pF / MMFD
470uF / MFD 470000nF 470000000pF / MMFD
240uF / MFD 240000nF 240000000pF / MMFD
220uF / MFD 220000nF 220000000pF / MMFD
150uF / MFD 150000nF 150000000pF / MMFD
100uF / MFD 100000nF 100000000pF / MMFD
88uF / MFD 88000nF 88000000pF / MMFD
85uF / MFD 85000nF 85000000pF / MMFD
82uF / MFD 82000nF 82000000pF / MMFD
80uF / MFD 80000nF 80000000pF / MMFD
75uF / MFD 75000nF 75000000pF / MMFD
72uF / MFD 72000nF 72000000pF / MMFD
70uF / MFD 70000nF 70000000pF / MMFD
68uF / MFD 68000nF 68000000pF / MMFD
65uF / MFD 65000nF 65000000pF / MMFD
64uF / MFD 64000nF 64000000pF / MMFD
60uF / MFD 60000nF 60000000pF / MMFD
56uF / MFD 56000nF 56000000pF / MMFD
53uF / MFD 53000nF 53000000pF / MMFD
50uF / MFD 50000nF 50000000pF / MMFD
47uF / MFD 47000nF 47000000pF / MMFD
45uF / MFD 45000nF 45000000pF / MMFD
43uF / MFD 43000nF 43000000pF / MMFD
40uF / MFD 40000nF 40000000pF / MMFD
39uF / MFD 39000nF 39000000pF / MMFD
36uF / MFD 36000nF 36000000pF / MMFD
35uF / MFD 35000nF 35000000pF / MMFD
33uF / MFD 33000nF 33000000pF / MMFD
30uF / MFD 30000nF 30000000pF / MMFD
27.5uF / MFD 27500nF 27500000pF / MMFD
27uF / MFD 27000nF 27000000pF / MMFD
25uF / MFD 25000nF 25000000pF / MMFD
24uF / MFD 24000nF 24000000pF / MMFD
22uF / MFD 22000nF 22000000pF / MMFD
21uF / MFD 21000nF 21000000pF / MMFD
20uF / MFD 20000nF 20000000pF / MMFD
19uF / MFD 19000nF 19000000pF / MMFD
18uF / MFD 18000nF 18000000pF / MMFD
16uF / MFD 16000nF 16000000pF / MMFD
15uF / MFD 15000nF 15000000pF / MMFD
12uF / MFD 12000nF 12000000pF / MMFD
10uF / MFD 10000nF 10000000pF / MMFD
8.2uF / MFD 8200nF 8200000pF / MMFD
Long lasting precision Tantlum capacitor

A good thing to keep in mind is that every capacitor has its own Maximum Voltage rating and normal operating temperature. It is a good idea to know the exact electrical demands of a given circuit before selecting a capacitor for that circuit.

Note: In your circuit designs always allow a 50% or better safety margin for the maximum voltage of capacitors. For example, if the voltage of your circuit is 5 volts, then your capacitors should be rated for at least 10 volts.

Capacitors can be used singular, in parallel, or in series. Click here for more information on capacitors hooked up in series and in parallel.

Capacitors work with AC and DC differently. When alternating current (AC) is applied to a capacitor, it appears like the current passes through the capacitor with little or no resistance. That is because the capacitor will charge and discharge as current fluctuates. With direct current (DC), a capacitor will act like a break in the circuit once it becomes fully charged. For that reason, capacitors in AC circuits have different applications than those in DC circuits.

Capacitor uF - nF - pF Conversion Chart Continued (8.0 uF and lower)

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High Voltage Capacitor
uF / MFD nF pF / MMFD
8.0uF / MFD 8000nF 8000000pF / MMFD
7.5uF / MFD 7500nF 7500000pF / MMFD
6.8uF / MFD 6800nF 6800000pF / MMFD
5.6uF / MFD 5600nF 5600000pF / MMFD
5.0uF / MFD 5000nF 5000000pF / MMFD
4.7uF / MFD 4700nF 4700000pF / MMFD
4.0uF / MFD 4000nF 4000000pF / MMFD
3.9uF / MFD 3900nF 3900000pF / MMFD
3.3uF / MFD 3300nF 3300000pF / MMFD
3uF / MFD 3000nF 3000000pF / MMFD
2.7uF / MFD 2700nF 2700000pF / MMFD
2.2uF / MFD 2200nF 2200000pF / MMFD
2uF / MFD 2000nF 2000000pF / MMFD
1.8uF / MFD 1800nF 1800000pF / MMFD
1.5uF / MFD 1500nF 1500000pF / MMFD
1.2uF / MFD 1200nF 1200000pF / MMFD
1.0uF / MFD 1000nF 1000000pF / MMFD
.82uF / MFD 820nF 820000pF / MMFD
.68uF / MFD 680nF 680000pF / MMFD
.47uF / MFD 470nF 470000pF / MMFD
.33uF / MFD 330nF 330000pF / MMFD
.22uF / MFD 220nF 220000pF / MMFD
.2uF / MFD 200nF 200000pF / MMFD
.1uF / MFD 100nF 100000pF / MMFD
.01uF / MFD 10nF 10000pF / MMFD
.0068uF / MFD 6.8nF 6800pF / MMFD
.0047uF / MFD 4.7nF 4700pF / MMFD
.0033uF / MFD 3.3nF 3300pF / MMFD
.0022uF / MFD 2.2nF 2200pF / MMFD
.0015uF / MFD 1.5nF 1500pF / MMFD
.001uF / MFD 1nF 1000pF / MMFD
.00068uF / MFD 0.68nF 680pF / MMFD
.00047uF / MFD .47nF 470pF / MMFD
.00033uF / MFD .33nF 330pF / MMFD
.00022uF / MFD .22nF 220pF / MMFD
.00015uF / MFD .15nF 150pF / MMFD
.0001uF / MFD .1nF 100pF / MMFD
.000068uF / MFD .068nF 68pF / MMFD
.000047uF / MFD .047nF 47pF / MMFD
.000033uF / MFD .033nF 33pF / MMFD
.000022uF / MFD .022nF 22pF / MMFD
.000015uF / MFD .015nF 15pF / MMFD
.00001uF / MFD .01nF 10pF / MMFD
.0000068uF / MFD .0068nF 6.8pF / MMFD
.0000047uF / MFD .0047nF 4.7pF / MMFD
.0000033uF / MFD .0033nF 3.3pF / MMFD
.0000022uF / MFD .0022nF 2.2pF / MMFD
.0000015uF / MFD .0015nF 1.5pF / MMFD
.000001uF / MFD .001nF 1pF / MMFD
Axial Electrolytic Capacitor